The day our son surprised us

Sue explores a time when her son did something she never thought would happen.

My son is a one of a kind to me. Even with two special needs children, he, to me, has an incredible outlook on life and an amazing imagination. For me what I never expected him to do was read. I mean really read, for him to read so that it makes him happy and inspires him to expand who he is.

My son has a range of special needs and when his difficulties started to impact on his school level I was told beyond a shadow of a doubt not to expect much. That he would never speak; that he would never read and that he would never be on the same levels as those the same age whether that be at school or socially.

When it comes to school learning they were completely right. My son's additional needs mean he has delays, but he gets there in the end.

When words were first given to my son to read, he hated it and it wasn't until later when we dug deeper into his needs that we found out to him the words would move and hurt his eyes and this was the reason why. Years of syllable wording practice and word break downs so that he could speak to us and read simple phonetically laid out words to try and bridge the gap between our world and his. Flash cards and picture matches to help him recognise his world were taken with us everywhere, but it all paid off for him.

The point that made me so proud is when he picked up a book of his own and read it and was inspired by it. He told me he loved it and could not wait to read the next one. I was so proud and in shock that I just nodded and listened to the quiet giggling about the look on my face from my partner. For my son, he was just reading for pleasure, but for us this was huge.

My child still struggles with his speech and sometimes with his reading, but now he reads for his own enjoyment. His books were inspiring his imagination, leading him to ask questions about the world around him so a library card came next and that was that. Information books and chapter series books are the norm now and there is always a book on his wish list for the holidays. His books give him an outlet into other worlds. Information books tell him facts that he wants to know but can't get the words out to ask and story books help him relax after long days for him.

Every time he picks up a book I am reminded of how hard it was to get there but when he smiles with a story that he loves and I'm so proud that he was able to find something that he enjoys.


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