Meet our London Marathon runner Patricia

The London Marathon is only five weeks away, and we have 11 amazing runners who have been training and fundraising with all their might to represent us at this year's event.

On 22 April they will be making a huge difference to help Contact continue to provide advice, information and support to thousands of families with disabled children in the UK.

Today, we wanted to introduce you to our wonderful (and hilarious!) runner Patricia Lee who will be running for Harry and his mum…

Tell us a little bit about yourself

ContactMy name is Patricia Lee, I live in Oxfordshire and I work in administration. Boring but true.

I would far rather be an actress in radio plays; performing on stage does not appeal as I don't want to prance around in gingham and anyway am far too old to play the Romantic Lead but on the radio I can be alluring, attractive and as young as I like!

Anyone needing someone to play their "other parts played by..." parts, please get in touch.

Why did you decide to support Contact by taking part in the London Marathon?

Harry PL

My handsome friend Harry has Cerebral Palsy and he and his Mum said Contact is an amazing charity. It seemed to me that they should know what they are talking about so I decided to set about raising money to help Contact help more superstars like him.

See photo of Harry The Wonder Boy himself looking pretty dapper at a recent wedding.

What has been the biggest challenge in your London Marathon journey so far?

I don't like running and keep making excuses for not doing my training. Instead I have focused on what I am better at, which is the fundraising part.

Next month I am holding a "Call My Wine Bluff" event with the aid of the brilliant Sheldon's Wines in Shipston on Stour. The audience has to guess which of three "experts" is telling the truth about the wines we'll be tasting. There will be a valuable prize for the winner and superb raffle prizes. They will then enjoy a cheese tasting and more wine.

What are you most/least excited about?

I am very excited about representing this brilliant cause and looking forward to spotting all the other Contact supporters as they run past me! I am least excited about the possibility of reaching the finish line after everyone has gone home. I still have to check what time the street sweepers begin to clean the route...

Any hobbies outside running?

I am a mystery shopper, love singing and long walks (I DO NOT LOVE RUNNING), doing the Great North Run every year (okay, jogging) and adore seeing my two grandchildren. I begrudgingly do two cricket teas per season as my husband is the captain of the local cricket club and like baking sourdough bread.

If you'd like to support Patricia please visit her Just Giving Page and if you'd like to know how you can join our London Marathon team in 2019, please get in touch on 020 7608 8786.

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