Even floods haven’t stopped this marathon runner from training

Mum of two, Llinos, tells about how her training for the London Marathon this year means she is prepared for almost anything.

Tell us a little bit about yourself


I'm Llinos and I live in Denbighshire in North Wales. I am a nurse, wife and mother to two children - one daughter called Hope, who is 13 and my son Harrison, who is 10.

Why did you decide to support Contact by taking part in the London Marathon?

Harrison is autistic, has ADHD and a sensory processing disorder. Contact has helped us as a family and that is why I am running this year's London marathon to fund raise for this amazing charity.

What has been the biggest challenge in your London marathon journey so far?

I've been training all winter in the ice, snow and wind, up and down the narrow lanes of rural Wales. The hardest training has been to complete a 20 mile race the day after terrible rain, the road was flooded at mile 9, above my thighs, in cold, wet, muddy water and then somehow keep focused for the next 11 miles running wet, soggy trainers and very cold - but somehow I managed to finish!

What are you most/least excited about?

I am from a very small village in North Wales so coming to London will be a massive challenge for me. I have never been so scared of a race in my life.

As well as never having done a marathon before I think I am actually more scared of coming to a city with hundreds of thousands of people.

Written by Contact at 00:00