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Busting the top school transport myths

Thursday 16th February 2017

Last week we launched our biggest inquiry into school transport for disabled children. You can take part in the inquiry by following the link below.

In this article we bust some of the top myths around home to school transport. Although school transport rules are slightly different in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, this information is relevant to all UK families.

1. We don't provide transport for children with your child's disability/need/condition.

Decisions must be on an individual basis. There must be no blanket policy to refuse transport for any group of children.

2. We don't provide transport for anyone who lives within statutory walking distance to the school.

Children with special educational needs (SEN), additional learning needs, disabilities or mobility problems who cannot reasonably be expected to walk to school are eligible for free home to school transport however near the school.

3. We don't provide transport for anyone receiving the higher rate mobility component of Disability Living Allowance.

If your child receives this benefit, it is unlawful for this to be taken into consdieration when making the decision about eligibility for school transport.

4. Your child can't have transport as she/he doesn't have an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan/statement.

Some children can be eligible for free home to school transport whether or not they have an EHC plan.

5. We only provide transport to schools within this local authority/council/education authority.

The local authority where your child lives must provide home to school transport even if the school is in a different local authority/council/education authority.

Take part in our school transport inquiry

Families can share their views today by getting started on our school transport survey.

Parent carer groups, transport providers and commissioners can share their views by emailing una.summerson@cafamily.org.uk

The survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. If you would like the survey sent by hard copy or would prefer to make general comments about school transport, please email una.summerson@cafamily.org.uk or call 020 7608 8742.

The deadline for responses is 31 March 2017.