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Carer’s Assessments in England – your questions answered

Tuesday 13th October 2020

Getting the help you need as a parent carer is vitally important and at our special Facebook Q&A session last week you had lots of questions for us about your  rights to a Carer's Assessments   -  a review of your needs by social services.

Thank you to everyone who took part! You can read back through the Q&A on our Facebook page.

What if you're told you can't get a carer's assessement?

Many of you said things like 'our council don't do them' or I've asked twice and never had one'. Our helpline advisers clarified that the law states quite clearly that all carers can ask for an assessment at any time. The Children and Families Act 2014 explains the rights of carers with `parental responsibility' to have an assessment upon request. In addition the local authority can carry out a carers assessment where there is an appearance of need for support. If you are refused an assessment the decision can be challenged using the local authority complaints procedure, and if not resolved then it can be referred to the ombudsman. 

What type of support is available?

Lots of you wanted to know what type of support one could realistically expect from a carer's assessment. Depending on the outcome of your assessment and meeting certain criteria a carer's assessment could lead to practical help around the home like aids and adaptations or help with respite care and taking a break. Something which focuses on your wellbeing such as therapy or help with learning could also be provided.

Take a look at some of the other questions we answered, and find out all about carer's assessments on our website, including a factsheet for parents about your rights. We also have a comprehensive parent guide to Services and support from your local authority.