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Caring More Than Most - sign our petition calling for end to cuts

Thursday 7th December 2017

This week we launched our Caring More Than Most report [PDF] (download the executive summary [PDF]), offering the most up-to-date and comprehensive profile of the half a million households who have a disabled child in the UK.

Our research found that 24 percent of UK parents of disabled children provide an unimaginable 100 plus hours of care every week. 

This is the equivalent of working three full-time jobs simultaneously and without any of the usual benefits like regular or sick pay, holidays or a pension.

Our report has been picked up across UK media, including in the Guardian, on Channel 5 News, BBC Cymru and the Herald. Read the full story of the launch of the Caring More Than Most report.

Campaign with us for better health and social care

Health and social care services provide a vital lifeline to families, helping them stay together and stay healthy. These services include short breaks, a range of therapies, personal care, home help, and the provision of equipment and adaptations. 

We want to see an end to funding cuts and reductions to already inadequate health and social care services - cuts that mean too often parents with disabled children are left caring more than most.

The five step plan

Together with the Disabled Children's Partnership a growing coalition of more than 50 charities and families, we have launched the Secret Life of Us campaign. 

The Secret Life of Us campaign is calling on the government to follow our five step plan to address this growing crisis in health and social care for disabled children.

Step 1: Make disabled children a priority

Step 2: Review current funding 

Step 3: Clarify existing rights

Step 4: Create a fund

Step 5: Change the system

Sign our petition calling for a review of current funding for short breaks and help us take the first step to address this growing crisis in health and social care for disabled children.