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Challenging behaviour workshop gets 100% positive feedback from HemiHelp parents

Friday 8th November 2019

Parents -at -challenging -behaviour -workshop
Last Friday 20 parents/carers of children with hemiplegia met in London for a free Challenging Behaviour workshop, organised by our HemiHelp team and delivered by Alaina Dingwall, a family worker from Contact's Wandsworth team.

The parents (and one child's school learning support assistant) discovered possible reasons children with hemiplegia might present behavioural challenges, and learned different strategies to try out at home and school.

Parents valued the opportunity to share experiences, learn new approaches and recognise that their child's behaviour is not unique or something to blame themselves for. The workshop stressed that parents need to take care of themselves and realise they are already doing a good job - something the attendees valued:

"I've been moved by other parents' sharing of experiences and the trainer's non-judgemental approach."

"I now feel that what my wife and I do as a response to our child's behaviours seems common and normal".

100% of attendees went home feeling better informed about how to get the support they needed, where to find ideas and resources. Everyone said they would recommend Contact to others.

"[I have come away knowing] I am not alone and there are others who are in a similar situation and understand."

"Thank you for an excellent workshop. We were so glad we came - we found it so useful and informative."

"I found today's session incredibly useful and it was great to meet other parents who have similar challenges."

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