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Still being charged for school transport? Talk to your local transport team

Wednesday 20th May 2020

We were recently approached by a local parent carer forum asking for our advice on whether parents should be expected to pay their contribution towards post 16 transport whilst the service is not being used due to the current situation.

Jill Hardman, one of our education advisers on our free helpline said:

"This current situation is obviously unprecedented and outside parents' control so we think local councils should waive the contribution or hold it over to next term for those who are continuing in education.  We'd advise parents to talk to the local transport team directly.

"Parent carers are facing huge challenges at the moment. They tell us they are facing extra household costs and some are seeing their incomes fall. So some leeway with transport charges at the moment would make a big difference."

Following our advice the local parent carer forum approached their council and we are pleased to hear that the council have agreed to waive the charge for this term. 

We're aware that some other councils have already refunded parental contributions for the summer term so do talk to your local transport team if you are charged for your contribution.

School transport is one of the top issues our helpline deals with so please call us about this or any other worries you have about school or your childs learning and development.   

Call us today for free on 0808 808 3555 and speak to one of our friendly and expert parent advisers.