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Consultation opens on children not attending mainstream schools

Thursday 16th May 2019

There are a range of reasons why some children are educated at home. Sometimes for positive reason, for others this may be a response to bullying, school refusal or the school not meeting the child's needs.

The Department for Education is seeking views on proposed legislation to establish a register maintained by local authorities of children not attending mainstream schools, together with associated duties on parents and the proprietors of certain educational settings.

It also consults on proposed legislation to establish a duty to support parents who educate children at home and seek support from their local authority in doing so.

This consultation is a follow-up to the consultation and call for evidence on elective home education held in 2018.

How to respond

You can respond to the consultation by following the link below:


Deadline 24 June 2019

We will be responding to this consultation, so if you want to share your views on this with us, please email una.summerson@contact.org.uk

One of the things we would like to see is an independent check when a parent request is made for a child to be removed from the school roll. This would help establish whether parents really have chosen to electively home educate or whether it's a last resort because of unmet special educational needs (SEN), or pressure from the school.

If you are thinking about home education, it is important to understand the responsibility you are taking on and to be aware of other possible options, please see our advice page on home education.