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Deadline for primary school applications approaching soon

Wednesday 10th January 2018

Next Monday 15 January is the deadline for families in England applying for primary school places.

Our new information on school admissions

We've published new information to help you navigate the process of finding a school that's right for your child - whether you're applying to primary or secondary school.

Visit our admissions and school choice webpage to find out:

  • How the application process works for children with or without an Education, Health and Care plan
  • The criteria schools use to decide who to offer a place to
  • When you'll receive your child's primary school place offer

Visit our finding the right school webpage to find out:

  • How to get information about different schools
  • What to think about when you're visiting schools
  • Some of the questions you can ask schools when you go to visit

And if you need to talk to someone about what to think about when choosing a school, our helpline team is here for you.

What happens after I've made my applications?

Once you've submitted your choices, the schools you've applied to will each decide whether they can offer your child a place.

The local authority will consider these offers against your preferences, along with everyone else's. And on national offer day - 16 April for primary schools - you'll get a single offer of a school.

Our admissions page has information on:

  • What to do if you're not happy with the school offered
  • When a school can't refuse a child a place
  • The right to mainstream for children with Education, Health and Care plans

This information will also be useful to parents who applied to secondary school places last October. The secondary school national offer day is 1 March.

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