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Disabled children going without essentials - launching Counting the Costs 2018

Wednesday 5th December 2018

A sharp rise in disabled children going without essentials including specialist therapies and equipment.

Disabled children going without presents and treats this Christmas.

These are the startling new findings from our Counting the Costs research published today.

In response to the Counting the Costs 2018 findings, Contact is urging the government, local authorities and employers to act now in a concerted effort to give disabled children and their families the financial and practical support they deserve and have a right to.

Find out more about our Counting the Costs campaign.

Our Family Finance Helpline is under threat

The findings also show why our Family Finances Helpline is so important.

But funding for the Family Finances Helpline will run out in just six months' time. We face the very real possibility of closing this lifeline. Unless we can raise the money to keep it open.

Please donate to our Lifeline Appeal today and help save our Family Finances Helpline.

In the last year alone, we've helped families secure an extra £2 million in financial support. That's £5,200 per year per family. That's money they didn't know they were entitled to until they called us.

Families have told us how important our Family Finances Helpline is to them. Like Jenny, who said:

"Before calling the Family Finances helpline, we weren't able to do anything, we couldn't even buy things like school shoes … Now thanks to Contact we're able to pay bills, clear debt, eat better, afford school uniform and shoes for the children."

For every £10 you give to our Lifeline Appeal, Contact can secure £130 in the pockets of families with disabled children.

Please help us keep this lifeline open. With your support, we'll be at the other end of the line for families like Jenny's for a long time to come.

Please donate to our Lifeline Appeal today and help save our Family Finances Helpline.