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DLA to be replaced in Scotland from summer 2021

Thursday 19th November 2020

The Scottish Government has announced that its replacement for child Disability Living Allowance - the Child Disability Payment - will start to replace new claims for DLA from the summer of 2021.

Initially this will take the form of an initial pilot to test the claims system, with a full rollout of the new benefit across Scotland starting in the autumn.

The new benefit had originally been scheduled to start in 2020, but earlier this year the Scottish government decided to postpone its introduction due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The Scottish government has also confirmed that its replacement for Personal Independence Payment - the Adult Disability Payment - will start to be introduced from spring 2022. This too will start with a pilot scheme before being fully rolled out across Scotland in summer 2022.

Once the new benefits have been rolled out across Scotland, people in Scotland already getting DLA and PIP will start to be moved over onto the new benefit. This is expected to happen in stages, with everyone having been transferred by 2025.