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How I won my son’s Disability Living Allowance appeal

Thursday 7th February 2019


Julia tells us about meeting Derek from our family finances helpline and why every £10 you donate to Contact, secures £130 in the pockets of families with disabled children.

"Today I met Derek at an event organised to raise funds to keep Contact's family finances helpline going so it can help other families like me. I spoke to Derek a couple of years ago about an appeal I was making against my son's disability living allowance award.

My son, is 12 years old and has learning difficulties, ADHD, microcephaly amongst other things. I'm lucky that he is able to walk, but he has very little road sense. He doesn't always want to walk where I need him to go or at the time I'd like him to come with me.

Derek was able to guide me through the complex social security law and the very specific criteria that are looked at by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) when they are considering the mobility element of a disability living allowance application. His invaluable and knowledgeable advice ensured that the appeal was successful and my son got the financial support he deserves.

More advice

I spoke to Derek more recently about Universal Credit. I was starting to get concerned about how Universal Credit would affect me, and after searching for answers on the internet I was none the wiser. Derek was able to talk me through the next steps and how they would impact on me. It turns out that the information I'd read online wasn't correct.

Here's why Contact's family finances helpline is such a big help to families like mine:

  • I'm able to talk to someone on the phone during the day, at times that fit in with my busy life.
  • While other support agencies I tried offered some support they weren't able to accurately answer the questions I had about my disabled child.
  • They made sure I was claiming the benefits available to me. This is important as billions of disability benefits go unclaimed every year!
  • Derek and the team answered my questions in a clear, logical, knowledgeable and non-judgmental way.

Above is a picture of my son out and about thanks to the advice I got from Derek and his colleagues on Contact's family finances helpline. 

Our Lifeline Appeal

Please help us keep our family finances helpline open. With your support, we'll be at the other end of the line for families like Julia's for a long time to come.

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