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Feeling chilly? We have some cosy nights sleep solutions

Thursday 7th November 2019

It's the season of rainy days and colder nights - all we want to do all day is stay in bed nice and cosy. ️ 

The cooler weather can tend to hinder some children with additional needs from going outdoors or doing activities in the rain. Even at home, children may feel discomfort from the cold. 

But don't worry, our team at Fledglings has some nifty product ideas to help your child keep warm this season!

All in one pyjamas

Wish bedtimes with your child could be less stressful and cosier?  

All-In-One pyjamas can keep your child warm, especially if they are inclined to kick off their bedding at night. The convenient zip fastenings mean that nappy changing can be done more easily at night. Choose from zip-back or zip-front styles suitable for each child's individual needs.

Woodpecker Wheelchair Warmer

Does the cold and rain make it harder for your child to do outdoor activities more often?

Our Woodpecker Warmer is a waterproof, warm fleece-lined cover for wheelchair users. Designed to keep the lower half of the body fully covered, your child will be kept warm and dry - ideal for those with less mobility or need more protection from the cold when out and about.

Seamless Sensitivity Socks

Are keeping your child's feet warm a worry for you?

Regular socks with elastic bands can tend to cause unwanted irritation. Sensitivity Socks are completely seamless, wrinkle-free socks that fit comfortably without slipping off. The "no heel" design makes it easier for children to wear themselves, ensuring a perfect fit every time!

Happy shopping!