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Goodbye 2020 and looking forward to a happier new year

Friday 1st January 2021

2020 has been quite a year for all of us and we're proud that we've been able to continue to be there for families with disabled children when they needed us, perhaps more than ever before.

As we say goodbye to a year which has proved to be exceptionally challenging for too many families with disabled children, we wanted to highlight some of the things we have achieved with your support.

Before the pandemic hit, in 2019/20 we:

  • Helped a total of 178,000 parents with our information, advice and support services.
  • Continued to support the 88,000 members of parent carer forums who work together with their local services to influence positive change for all families with disabled.
  • Sent out 3,064 copies of our Helpful Guide
  • Supported to 1,580 parent carers with a child in hospital through our By Your Side programme.
  • Welcomed 2,344 parents to our workshops on a key topics including sleep, managing challenging behaviour and finances.
  • Held 77 fun family events which were attended by 1,725 children and 1,309 parents.

During the pandemic we:

  • Launched our Covid-19 web pages which were visited by over 170,000 people
  • Launched our brand new Listening Ear service for parent carers looking for emotional support
  • Ran 254 online events and workshops with 2,522 parent carers in attendance and 108 professionals.
  • Established a vibrant and supportive Facebook Group which now has around 4,000 members sharing their experience, tips and concerns with each other.
  •  Distributed hundreds of Fledglings gift vouchers and products to families struggling financially.

In addition:

  • Our campaigns have featured on BBC and Sky News with regular features in The Sun, The Times, Independent and the Metro. We also got a the only question asked at Downing Street Press Conference about   the impact of Covid-19 on families with disabled children.

And finally:

We're really looking forward to working with you all in 2021!

Take care and keep safe!