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Government publishes 10 year plan for NHS England

Monday 7th January 2019

The government has today published its 10 year plan for the NHS in England. The plan includes a clear focus on children and young people including increased funding for mental health services and improved autism diagnosis, which is welcomed.

The plan outlines ambitions for all children and young people with a learning disability and autism to have a designated keyworker by 2023/24. The plan talks about the whole NHS having an improved understanding of the needs of people with learning disabilities and autism and working together to improve their health and wellbeing. For example, there are commitments to ensure that children with learning disabilities have their needs met by eyesight, hearing and dental services.

The plan says the NHS will continue to identify and support carers, particularly those from vulnerable communities, and do more to help carers to deal with emergencies.

Amanda Batten, CEO of Contact and the chair of the Disabled Children's Partnership, says:

"We welcome the publication of the NHS long-term plan with a focus on children and young people with autism or learning disabilities and on children and young people's mental health.  Importantly the plan acknowledges that specialist community teams for children and young people can prevent children being admitted into institutional care. It's vital that the Government recognises this in its spending review later this year.

"It is too early to tell whether the plan will address the crisis in health provision for disabled children and young people, including whether it will meet the £1.1 billion annual shortfall in funding."