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Introduction of new early years grants in Scotland

Friday 3rd May 2019

This week has seen the introduction of a new £250 grant from the Scottish government for low income families with a child aged between two and three and a half.

Applications for this new Best Start Early Learning Grant are being accepted from this week. You can apply on-line at www.mygov.scot/best-start-grant/

In June, the Scottish Government will also introduce a similar £250 Best Start School Age Grant, which will be available for low income families with a child who has reached, or will reach within the year, the age at which children in Scotland normally start primary school (which is age four or five, depending on when the child's birthday falls).

Which low income families qualify?

All parents who are aged under 18 qualify. If you are aged 18 or above it will not matter whether you work or not but you need to be getting one of the following benefits:

If you qualify you'll receive £250 for each child who is the relevant age.