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It's Anti-Bullying Week 2019

Monday 11th November 2019

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This week is Anti-Bullying Week, which happens in schools across England each November. Anti-Bullying Week is run by our friends at the Anti-Bullying Alliance, and this year's theme is Change Starts With Us.

Small change. Big difference.

Whether it is verbal, physical, online or in-person, bullying has a significant impact on a child's life well in to adulthood. By making small, simple changes, we can break this cycle and create a safe environment for everyone.

Because together, we can challenge bullying. Change starts with a conversation. It starts with checking in. It starts with work together.

Change starts here.
Change starts now.
Change starts with us.

This year the goal is to inform schools and settings, children and young people, parents and carers to know that it takes a collective responsibility to stop bullying.

Find out more about Anti-Bullying week and what the Anti-Bullying Alliance have planned.

Download our Dealing With Bullying podcasts

We've published our podcast series, Dealing With Bullying, so it's now available on your favourite podcast platform.

In our anti-bullying series, we spoke to teachers and helpline advisers to gather their tips on tackling bullying. Episodes including spotting the signs of bullying, positive things the school can do, and how to support your child if they're being bullied.

Our podcasts are available on Apple Podcasts/iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast and more.

Our online anti-bullying advice

Bullying can happen to any child, but children with special educational needs or a disability (SEND) are more likely to be bullied. However, it is important to remember that not all children experience bullying.

Visit our anti-bullying webpages to read tips about keeping a bullying record, discussing your concerns with the school, coming up with solutions and helping your child to respond to bullying.

And parents can call our freephone helpline for a hard copy of our Dealing with bullying parent guide [PDF], which has information on spotting the signs of bullying, top tips and talking with your child about it.