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Join our 14 Day Family Challenge!

Thursday 16th April 2020

With everything going on, we think it's important to bring all our friends and families some light-hearted relief.

So next Monday we're launching our 14 Day Family Challenge and we hope you can join us!

We will be announcing a daily challenge every morning on our Facebook page for you to complete with the kids. From telling a funny joke to doing a dance with your family around the kitchen - the challenges are easy and you shouldn't need anything that you don't already have at home to take part.

If you are joining us, you can tag us daily on Facebook and see what others are getting up to - we would love to see how you are getting on!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing how you get on!

And remember, if you are looking for support in these difficult times, visit our website where we have plenty of information on the coronavirus outbreak.