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Thursday 22nd February 2018

Yesterday some inspirational families came together to fight against the closure of their vital local respite care centre.

After a lengthy legal battle, the High Court has judged that the decision to cease funding Nascot Lawn was unlawful.

We hope this case gives real encouragement to other families with disabled children facing similar issues. Being able to use the law to influence decisions is an important resource when other resolutions haven't worked out.

All parents have the right to expect the provision that the law sets out, and to have a means to act when this law isn't being followed.

Is your local authority making cuts?

We're hosting a webinar on using the law to challenge cuts.

Local authorities have just set their budgets for the 2018-19 financial year. Many authorities will have decided to make significant cuts to services which are valued by disabled children and their families.

In this webinar Alex Rook and Steve Broach, two specialist public lawyers, will discuss how the law can be used to influence these decisions. Alex and Steve have acted in many of the leading cuts cases and will be able to answer questions on both the law and procedure in relation to cuts challenges.

The webinar will take place from 12-1pm on Thursday 1 March. You can sign up to the webinar today.

Please note: Webinar places are limited, so book early to avoid disappointment. If you have a place but can't attend, please cancel your registration so someone else can attend. We will put the recorded webinar on Youtube afterwards for those who can't attend.

Other useful cuts resources

Parents, groups and forums can find advice on how to challenge cuts to services in our short breaks legal resource [PDF] and our childcare legal resource [PDF]

We've also made a template press release to help raise awareness of cuts in your local press; find it in our group action pack [PDF]

And find out how we're campaigning to stop cuts to services.