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Join us for a special Q&A session on relationships in our closed Facebook Group

Friday 19th June 2020

It is hard to underestimate how important relationships are. When a relationship is working well, it can make you feel happy, safe and secure. It can also protect you from some of the stresses of caring for a disabled child.

All relationships go through periods of change and challenge. Managing the bad times well is an important part of creating a strong, lasting relationship. At Contact we know how caring for a disabled child can impact all your relationships - and during the coronavirus pandemic we know that many of you may be facing extra pressures on your relationships, as support from outside agencies has dwindled or vanished altogether.

Parents also tell us about the difficulties siblings face, and how trying to meet their children's different needs can be challenging. And as children grow up, we need to talk to them about sex and relationships, but are often unsure how to go about it. We might worry that we may not know enough, or lack the confidence to speak openly.

That's why we're inviting you to ask our parent advisers your questions about any issue related to relationships at a special Facebook Q&A session in our closed Facebook group on Thursday 25 June between 2-4pm.

Over 2,000 of you are already members of our new closed (private) Facebook Group - a space for you to discuss your concerns and share your tips about family life in lockdown. Join us there Thursday 25 June between 2-4pm.

You will need to sign up to be a member of the group so please do so in good time if you want to join the Q&A!

Can't make 25 June?

Once our session's finished, and if you are a member of our closed Facebook group, you'll be able to read through all the answers at a time that suits you.

You can also take a look at our information and advice on looking after your relationships.