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Need help with your child’s behaviour?

Friday 26th June 2020

You are not alone. Many children have emotional outbursts, and there are often complex reasons behind a disabled child's behaviour - it is rarely anyone's 'fault'. You may be concerned because your child is beginning to develop some behaviour that challenges you, or already has behaviour that challenges. Whatever the case, there are ways you can help your child.

It is helpful to know that all behaviours are a form of communication, and if you can work out what your child is trying to tell you through their behaviour, then you can look for ways to prevent them becoming distressed, as well as help them find other, more acceptable ways to communicate their needs.

Parents can feel under a lot of pressure to solve behaviour problems, and are naturally very worried about the best approach to take.

That's why we're inviting you to ask our parent advisers your questions about any issue related to behaviour at a special Facebook Q&A session on our Facebook page on Thursday 2 July between 2-4pm.

Can't make2 July?

Our guide Understanding your child's behaviour has suggestions about some of the ways your child can be helped, along with information about the professional and voluntary organisations you can approach for further guidance and support.

Once our session's finished, you'll be able to read through all the answers at a time that suits you.