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New Children’s Funeral Fund introduced in England

Thursday 25th July 2019

This week see's the introduction of a new Children's Funeral Fund (CFF), providing financial support to bereaved parents in England who have lost a child aged under 18. This fund will cover the cremation or burial fees for a child aged under 18.

The scheme is open to any bereaved parent and is not subject to means testing. Under the scheme, bereaved families of a child under 18 will no longer have to meet the fees that are normally charged for a cremation or burial of a child. Instead, these costs will now be met by government funding, with funeral providers directly applying to the CFF for reimbursement of these costs.

The fund will also pay £300 towards the costs of a coffin (or shroud or casket). However other costs, such as funeral director costs, flowers and a memorial, will still need to be met by families.

The scheme applies to funerals of children aged under 18 that take place in England on or after 23 July 2019.

Similar funds already exist in Wales and Scotland, while some councils in Northern Ireland waive funeral fees for children.

See our webpages for more information about help with funeral expenses.