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New online resource to help families whose disabled child is growing up

Wednesday 30th January 2019

Contact Scotland has been working with parents across Scotland to develop a new online resource for families and young people about transitions.

Talking About Tomorrow is packed full of advice and information for parents whose child has reached teenage years and are starting to think about opportunities and support as they move into adulthood.

Although it has been designed by and is aimed at parents in Scotland, there is a lot of general information on there that will be useful for parents of disabled young people across the UK - particularly around planning and support.

Susan Walls, Manager at Contact Scotland, said: "Growing up is one of the biggest changes any young person will face. This stage can have a huge impact on life chances and choices.

"If doors and options are not open to young people with disabilities and additional needs at this crucial time, it can impact the rest of their life - for instance they may be more dependent on care. But when things go well, it's life changing both for the young person and their family."


Research shows the majority of young people with disabilities rely chiefly on their parents for information around their options and support, so families need to be armed with as much knowledge about their options as possible.

Funded by the Scottish Government, Contact Scotland worked with around 250 parents from across Scotland to ensure the resource is exactly what families need to make the right decisions for their child's future.


If you are a parent in England, Northern Ireland or Wales you can find more information about growing up and benefits here.

And for families in England there's information about moving into adult services here.