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Our CEO responds to government Spending Round

Thursday 5th September 2019

In between Brexit 'no deal' debates and speculation about a general election, the Chancellor delivered a one year spending round yesterday.

The highlights included:

  • £700 million for special educational needs in schools (already announced on Friday)
  • £6.2bn for the NHS next year (already announced last year)
  • £1.5bn for social care (new announcement includes £500m which will only be raised from a 2% increase in council tax)

Our CEO Amanda Batten and chair of the Disabled Children's Partnership said:

"Whilst we welcome the additional funding for social care and special educational needs in schools, we are concerned that it will not be enough to address the unnecessary daily battles to get basic support faced by many families with disabled children. The same families that are struggling with rising disability costs and falling financial support such as the cuts to child disability payments under Universal Credit.

That's why we think a one year cash injection is simply a sticking plaster and will not solve the crisis in support for disabled children. Moreover, with the pressures on adult social care; on child protection; and on children in care; it is difficult to see how much, if any, of the increase in social care funding will find its way to services disabled children and their families. 

Currently there's a £434m funding gap for social care services for disabled children and it's why the 70 charities that form the DCP are calling on the government to urgently 'Give It Back'."