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UK schools to close from Friday

Thursday 19th March 2020

In line with a ministerial announcement made by Gavin Williamson yesterday, all schools  will shut from this Friday afternoon.

Exceptions have been announced for children of key workers, vulnerable children with social workers and children with Education Health and Care (EHC) plans.

We are aware of widespread concern among families as many children with EHC plans have medical conditions putting them in the vulnerable group for coronavirus. Others may find changes in the usual school environment, staffing or routine difficult to cope with. Understandably parents do not want to put their children at risk by forcing them to attend school.

Further government guidance is expected on this, but we understand that the government will not be compelling parents to send their children to school if they don't want to and can safely be at home.

The situation is changing quickly and further government guidance on this is expected, but our understanding at the moment is that from Monday, children with EHC plans may attend school but parents will not be compelled to send their children to school if they don't want  to and can safely be at home.

We don't yet know whether all schools will remain open.

We should like to reassure parents that they are the best judge of what is right for their child and will not be penalised for keeping a child at home.

We will update our website with more information as it becomes available.