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#VoteSEND - Make Disabled Children a priority

Wednesday 20th November 2019

Help us make disabled children a priority in the general election, and beyond, by sending an email to all your local candidates.

Yes I'll send an email 

The crisis in support for disabled children is undeniable: only 4% of parents feeling they get the right support to safely care for their disabled children.  From the grassroots to national voices, there is agreement that disabled children and their families are being failed across the country.

As we approach the general election, we want to hear from all parties and local candidates on what they will do to fix the system. Together, we can stop the endless battles for support and make disabled chilren a priority. 

Writing to your candidates

Sending an email is quick and easy as we have prepared an email to all your local candidates. You can add details of your own experiences, and amend the emails before sending if you wish.

This is a joint campaign through the Disabled Children's Partnership, a coalition of more than 70 charities, which was form and now chaired by our CEO Amanda Batten.