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Wandsworth families enjoy Easter ice skating fun

Monday 15th April 2019

Dad and son ice skating

Over the Easter holidays, many of our local offices organise day trips and family fun days. These events are a chance for parents to get together and make new friends, and an opportunity for children to enjoy themselves trying out new activities.

Last week our Wandsworth office took a number of local families ice skating. Our Wandsworth Manager Charlotte tells us more...

On a Wednesday morning in the Easter holidays, 20 Wandsworth families, two members of Contact staff and one volunteer took to the ice ,many for the first time.

Children were excited, parents were nervous as we queued up to hire our ice skates, then we hit the ice (quite literally for some!).

Parents clung to the barriers, children clung to their parents and and there were smiles and laughter all round.

As the morning went on children got braver and many were skating independently. Parents were reliving their youth and others were just trying hard to stay upright, but in true Contact style we all shared smiles, independence, pride, laughter and support for one another.