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Worried that your disabled child is being treated unfairly at school?

Monday 26th November 2018

Please join us for a Facebook Question and Answer session on Wednesday 28 November between 1-4pm, when our expert parent advisers will be ready and waiting to answer your questions about equality and disability discrimination in school.

Disability discrimination is when a disabled pupil is treated worse than a non-disabled child or where a school has not done things differently for a disabled pupil where necessary.

Maybe you are worried because your disabled child is being excluded from class activities like the school nativity play or Xmas party this year. Or perhaps your local nursery told you they are unable to take your child or you'd like more information about what help from school your child can get  with their exams.

If you think your child is being unfairly treated at school because of their disability and have a question you'd like to ask then do get in touch on 28th November on Facebook, between 1-4pm when our expert parent advisers will be waiting to hear from you.

And if you can't make it on Wednesday we have lots of information and advice about disability discrimination at school online.