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Children and Social Work Bill receives royal assent

Monday 15th May 2017

At the end of last month the Children and Social Work Bill was one of 22 bills to receive royal assent before the dissolution of parliament ahead of June's general election.

Most people will know the bill due to the controversial 'exemption' clauses.  If passed, the clause would have enabled the government to exempt local authorities in England from children's social care legislation requirements in order to allow them to test different ways of working to provide children's social care.

However, the government bowed to pressure and scrapped these 'exemption' clauses.

The new act makes a range of changes to the education and care systems, as well as adoption procedures. It also makes sex and relationship education (SRE) compulsory in all secondary schools.

Parent guide on talking about sex and relationship with your disabled child

We have information on our website about growing up, sex and relationships.

Our Growing up, sex and relationships parent guide [PDF] has been written specially to support parents of disabled children around this tricky subject. We have tips on developing your child's self-esteem and keeping them safe, encouraging friendships, and how to talk to your child about puberty and the changes that are happening to them. The guide also covers safe sex and contraception, and what to expect of sex and relationships education in school.

Packed with useful resources, including for parents of learning disabled teenagers, we hope you will find this guide helpful as your child grows up to adulthood.

Growing up leaflet for disabled young people

We also have a Growing up, sex and relationships information leaflet for young people [PDF], written for disabled young people in or approaching their teenage years. Parents may wish to read some of the information with a younger child or a child with learning disabilities.