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Contact supports national sleep manifesto

Wednesday 25th October 2017

Yesterday, Monday 25 October, our head of campaigns attended the launch of the Children's Sleep Charity Manifesto. 

We support the three key points set out in the manifesto:

  • For a better national understanding of the importance of sleep.
  • For quality sleep support to be available for families.
  • For sleep to be recognised as a vital component of mental health.

If a child doesn't sleep well, this affects the whole family. Exhaustion kicks in, you can't think clearly and brothers and sisters are also affected.

Many parents say they feel caught in a vicious cycle struggling to cope, and it's no surprise when you look at the research - 86 per cent of disabled children have issues with sleep.

So if you're experiencing difficulties, you're not alone. There are many reasons disabled children have difficulties with sleep, and there are different strategies and approaches to helping children sleep you can try.

Our sleep webpage and our guide Helping your child sleep [PDF] have been written by experts in the field, including the Children's Sleep Charity, together with parents.

Both have practical information and support for parents - you can check how much sleep a child needs at each age, learn about the sleep cycle and common causes of sleep disturbance. Find out:

  • Why sleep can be a problem.
  • How to make your child's bedroom a relaxing place.
  • Creating a bedtime routine.
  • How to deal with crying to avoid bedtime.
  • What is Melatonin and how it may help, plus much more.

Download it from our resource library. All our guides are free for parents.

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