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Wednesday 10th May 2017

#KnowYourClaim - helpline

Today we're launching our Universal Credit campaign #KnowYourClaim.

The aim of our #KnowYourClaim campaign is to make sure that you are aware of Universal Credit, how it is likely to affect your family and to seek advice from our freephone helpline so you #KnowYourClaim.

We're launching our campaign on the day the Universal Credit full service is being extended to families with disabled children in Ilkeston & Long Eaton jobcentres in Derbyshire.

Our research with more than 3,500 families found that more than half are worried about Universal Credit.  A further 40 per cent simply don't know about Universal Credit. 

As part of our campaign, we will be launching a series of podcasts explaining what Universal Credit is. Watch our first podcast, What is Universal Credit?

Over the next few weeks we will publish podcasts on:

  • The process of claiming Universal Credit.
  • The claimant commitment.

We are launching our #KnowYourClaim campaign this month because the Department for Work and Pensions has now confirmed the dates for the full service roll out during May and June.

Make sure you keep an eye on our webpages for weekly updates.

Roll out to new areas

The Universal Credit full service will be extended to families with disabled children next week to the Burnley jobcentre, and the following week Chippenham.

Anyone of working age - including a parent with a disabled child - who lives in one of these jobcentre areas, and who makes a new claim for one of the benefits Universal Credit is replacing, will be asked to claim Universal Credit instead. The only exception to this will be families with three or more dependent children who will instead be able to continue claiming the old style means tested benefits.

The full timetable for the roll-out of Universal Credit full service to the rest of Great Britain is available at the GOV.UK website. In Northern Ireland, the roll out of Universal Credit is planned to start in September 2017. For more details see the nidirect.Gov.uk website.

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