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Our Pictures from Home exhibition opens today

Tuesday 27th January 2015

Cath and Stevie

Cath and Stevie, one of the families featured in our exhibition

Today marks the public opening of our Pictures from Home exhibition, a collection a photographs celebrating the everyday lives of families with disabled children.

Pictures from Home, at La Galleria on Pall Mall, was formally opened at a private viewing last night. Supporters of Contact a Family had the chance to meet Amanda Harman, the award-winning photographer whose snapshots of the time she spent with two families make up some of the exhibition. Also on display are a selection of pictures submitted by families to our photography competition last year.

Stevie and Cath's pictures from home

Stevie and Cath are one of the families featured in Pictures from Home. Here Cath, who last night spoke to guests about the special moments you never take for granted when you have a disabled child, tells their story:

"At eighteen months Stevie was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, as well as testing positive for Charcot Marie Tooth which is a progressive, neurological disease affecting the nervous system.

"Stevie, now eight, needs daily help with washing, dressing and toileting. She cannot walk or stand and has to be hoisted from one stationary bit of furniture to another with wheels, which she then races around the house in - legs tucked up to her chin. 

"Stevie cannot read or write, but loves to watch DVDs in her bed where she feels safest. She has a brilliant memory and can repeat every word of a story after hearing it a couple of times. She enjoys dressing up and loves playing with her sister Billie, who teaches her so much.

"Of course, I know now that even though our lives are not the same as other families, we are resilient, very protective and enormously supportive of each other. As Colin and I watch our girls play and grow together, it makes us exceptionally proud. We recognise that despite different goals, needs and dreams, they are our fantastic girls and they have both made us stronger, prouder and happier."

Sharing positive stories of disabled children

Sharing stories like Stevie and Cath's at the exhibition helps us promote a positive image of disabled children and their families.

Visitors will have the chance to find out about the work we do to support families and see if there are ways that you can help us continue reaching out to people.

Pictures from Home is held at La Galleria on Pall Mall. It's free to the public and open from 10am-6pm every day until Saturday 31 January, when it closes at midday.

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