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Our tax credits campaign - sign our petition to oppose cuts

Thursday 15th October 2015

Contact a Family is leading calls to the government to consider the impact cuts to tax credits will have on families with disabled children and to think again about making the cuts.

This week the Sun newspaper featured our tax credits campaign, reporting from our chief executive Amanda Batten the impact these cuts will have on thousands on families with disabled children. And yesterday the first question at Prime Minister's Questions came from a single mother of a disabled child worried about the cuts.

If you agree with us and think tax credit cuts should be scrapped, please sign our petition.

What the cuts will mean for families with disabled children  

The new legislation will change the tax credit rules from April 2016 by:

  • reducing the earnings threshold for working tax credit; the annual amount that working parents can earn before their tax credit payments start to be reduced is to be cut from £6,420 to £3,850; as a result any working family with more than £3,850 will get fewer tax credits
  • increasing the 'taper rate' at which tax credits are lost due to income; currently for every £1 of income you have above the earnings threshold, your tax credit payments are reduced by 41p - this is to be increased to 48p; this means that low income families will lose tax credits at a faster rate as their incomes increase
  • reducing the income threshold for child tax credit from £16,105 to £12,125; this means families who are not working or working part-time will get fewer tax credits if their annual income is above £12,125.

To find out how your family could be affected, please call our helpline on 0808 808 3555.

Why we're opposing the tax credit cuts  

Una Summerson, Campaigns Manager at Contact a Family says:

"A staggering 150,000 working families with disabled children could be affected by the tax credit cuts next year. Our helpline has spoken to many worried parent carers since the announcement was made in the July budget. This worry is adding unnecessary extra pressure on families whose finances are already breaking point

"Contact a Family wants to see families supported in their caring role - a role that saves the country billions each year in health and social care costs - and given help to make paid employment sustainable, not an unfair cut in the tax credits that provide a lifeline to so many.

"That's why Contact a Family is saying enough is enough. The government must think again about making these cuts and how they impact on disabled children." 

Sign our petition and oppose the cuts

If you agree with us and think tax credit cuts should be scrapped, please sign our petition.

We're also looking to speak to families who'll be affected by the announced tax credit cuts next April. If you're interested in sharing your story, email press@cafamily.org.uk.