Privacy notice for parent carer forums

Last updated: 24 May 2018

At Contact we are committed to protecting your privacy. Whenever you share personal data with us we aim to be clear with you, and not to do anything with your data that you wouldn't reasonably expect us to do.

In addition to our general privacy notice in which we explain how we collect, use and store your personal information, we have produced some specific information below that relates to parent carer forums in receipt of the Department for Education parent carer participation grant that Contact is contracted to administer on behalf of the Department.

The parent participation grants programme

Contact is the delivery partner for the Department of Education (DfE). For the purpose of data protection legislation, the DfE is the data controller for the personal data processed as part of the Application and Monitoring Reports for the PCF Grant.

Contact will receive personal data from your forum's application and monitoring reports and will process it in order to allow us to effectively safeguard public monies and to complete due diligence exercises which identify any fraudulent practice, and thus reduce the likelihood of fraud being committed. This includes details of the forum's bank account signatories and their email addresses as we need to be able to contact them in the event of any queries, and to know that those listed as signatories are not prohibited from doing so.

The nature of your personal data we will be using

The categories of your personal data that we will be using for this project are:

  • Grant applicant contact information (address, telephone number, email address)
  • Grant holder (if different) contact information (address, telephone number, emails address)
  • Details of the forum's (or grant holder's) bank account signatories (name and email address)
  • Names and contact email addresses of key forum members
  • Recording of the IP address of the computer submitting the grant application

Additionally, as part of the grant monitoring return, you will be providing details of your forum's activity and outcomes during the grant year. It is a requirement of the sign off process that parent carer forums must provide proofs of expenditure to account for their grant spend. These will include:

  • Invoices from companies providing goods or services
  • Expense claim forms / honorarium claim forms
  • Wage slips including NI numbers or payroll/employee numbers
  • General, non-personal information about your forum's work and local relationships

Why our use of your personal data is lawful

In order for our use of your personal data to be lawful, we need to meet one (or more) conditions in the data protection legislation. For the purpose of the DfE parent carer participation grant, the processing is necessary to exercise a function of a ministerial department and for the exercise of a function of a public nature that is in the public interest.

Who we will make your personal data available to

We sometimes need to make personal data available to other organisations. These might include contracted partners (who we have employed to process your personal data on our behalf) and/or other organisations (with whom we need to share your personal data for specific purposes). Where we need to share your personal data with others, we ensure that this data sharing complies with data protection legislation.

Such organisations include:

  • The National Network of parent Carer Forums are provided with anonymous data on forums' successes/challenges and data about regional networking, if consent is provided on the grant monitoring form. (not personal data)
  • Kids and the Council for Disabled Children, our contracted partners, will be sent data on Children and Young People's engagement from the grant monitoring form (not personal data)
  • The Department for Education's Auditors
  • Fraud Prevention Agencies, such as the Police and Action Fraud

For the purpose of the parent carer participation grant, the Department for Education has employed Contact to process your personal data on their behalf. This means that Contact will gather and process information as detailed above.

How long we will keep your personal data for

We will only keep your personal data for as long as we need it for the purpose(s) of this piece of work, after which point it will be securely destroyed. This will usually be a maximum of seven years. Please note that, under data protection legislation, and in compliance with the relevant data processing conditions, we can lawfully keep personal data processed purely for research and statistical purposes indefinitely.

What we will send out to parent carer forums

In order to fulfil our contract with the Department for Education, Contact needs to provide parent carer forums with information about the grant to enable them to apply, and to complete their grant monitoring. Information about these will be sent to the public email addresses of parent carer forums as provided on the grant forms, and to the named applicant and or grant holder whose details have been supplied on the application form. 

Part of our contract also includes providing training, webinars, events, and an annual participation event for parent carer forums - in order to invite forums to these, we will contact forums' public contacts. We also send a regular Mailchimp newsletter to those who are subscribed and have already given active consent for us to do so.  Forum members may subscribe to this at any time via our website.

General information from the parent carer participation team

Our regional parent carer participation advisers send out regular communications to parent carer forums on matters that interest and are relevant to them including local events, training and regional network meetings, and forward information sent out centrally about the grants programme, national training, webinars and the annual conference as above. In order to comply with GDPR regulations, advisers will be unable to send out this information without direct opt-in consent from forum members. 

They will continue to send this information to forums' public contact email addresses, but after 25 May 2018, forum members will need to contact their regional adviser giving their written consent to continue to send them information. Forum members may opt-out of receiving communications at any time.

Read further information about Contact's general privacy notice and privacy policy.