Our helpful guide for your families

The helpful guide for families with disabled children is our all-in-one book with all the information and help families need to enjoy life.
Our guide could be a useful resource for the families you work with. If so, you can order multiple copies easily and at an affordable price.

What's in the helpful guide?

We know that new parents of disabled children are frequently overwhelmed with reams of paperwork and piles of pamphlets. That's why we've put everything in one place, but split the guide into easy read sections so families can find advice when they're ready to.

In the guide, we talk families through what can be a confusing system of support. We support families to find the best way to help their child. We help families make sense of any jargon and job titles they come across.

helpful guide

How can I order copies of the guide?

You can buy multiple copies of our helpful guide by emailing info@contact.org.uk with the number of copies you'd like for a quote.

Alternatively, we can send you a reference copy along with bookmarks to hand out to parents letting them know how to order their free copy. Please email info@contact.org.uk to order your copy.

Families can order a free copy of the guide at contact.org.uk/helpful-guide