Each year we reach around 12,000 parents through our workshops, and feedback we collect shows a satisfaction rate of 97 per cent among those who attend.

Those parent-focussed workshops form the basis for our training courses. Here's some of the feedback we received from both parents and professionals.

"Thank you so much for delivering such a good workshop session for us. Three members of staff (teachers and TAs) said to me it was the best training they had ever attended, which is high praise indeed! I think the practical nature of the day and your willingness to help with specific concerns that some of the participants had was excellent."

Associate Principal for Educator Development, London & South East


"All speakers were enthusiastic and knowledgeable...excellent presentations - lively and informative."

Paediatrician, North East

"Really enjoyed the session and opportunity to work with colleagues and discuss ideas."

Information and Advice Service training attendee, Yorkshire.

"I felt that after this lecture I would feel more confident to assist family with disabled children."

Paediatric study day attendee, London & the South East.

"Ideas, opinions, challenges that other practitioners have faced, great to share and discuss, very comfortable."

Relationships course for professionals attendee discussing the benefits of a practitioner workshop, London & the South East.

"I loved having speakers who have experience in this field being parent/carers so could see the passion and knowledge which was very rich...I will really take the advice into consideration and incorporate this into my practice."

Disability Awareness Workshop for Professionals attendee, North East.

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