Training for employers

Parent carers are more likely to leave the workforce and to experience stress, isolation and depression. This poor wellbeing negatively harms productivity and morale. Parent carers are an important, but often hidden, part of a diverse workforce, and they require support to be included.

For employers, therefore, ensuring parent carers in your workforce get the right package of support, recognition and empathy is vital.

Embracing the often hidden aspect of diversity in your workforce can have wider commercial benefits. In 2012, leading consultants at McKinsey found that businesses with diverse executive boards enjoy significantly higher earnings and a 66 per cent difference in return on equity.

Our training courses for employers

Everything you ever wanted to know about parent carers

This training session is designed for senior managers and HR leads. The course offers a safe space to ask complex questions, gain key insights into the challenges faced by parent carers, and learn how to develop your appropriate leadership response to any issues that arise.

Developing your own carer's network

With a network of nearly 2,000 parent-led groups across the UK, we can help your employees to contact a family like theirs, building their own support networks in their local area, or with families of children with similar conditions living further afield.

Consultancy for your HR team

We offer consultancy services that will give you specific recommendations and actionable feedback on how your organisation can develop meaningful support for parent carer employees.

Get the right package of support for your organisation

We develop each support package in co-production with our clients, which means design and pricing can be tailored to your needs.

We can also design bespoke courses should your organisation have any specific requirements.

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