What we do

We support families with the best possible guidance and information

Our national advice, information and support service
We have online information and printed parent resources on education, benefits, family life and more. Through our helpline we advise thousands of parents each year on all aspects of caring for a disabled child.

Workshops and information sessions

We run workshops and information sessions for parents across the UK, including through our Brighter Beginnings early years sessions.

Fledglings shop

Through our Fledgings shop we sell disability products and equipment that make life a bit easier for a parent and more fulfilling for their child.

Medical information

We provide up-to-date and validated information on hundreds of disabilities and conditions, their symptoms, treatment and the support available.

Our By Your Side hospitals project

Our parent advisers are now based at six children's hospitals across the UK, providing families with emotional and practical support when they need it most.

We bring families together to support each other

Parent support groups
We support local and national groups in their work bringing parents carers together for practical and emotional support.

Online community

A place for parents to chat to other families online about anything and everything that affects their child and family.

Contact in your area
Our offices across the UK organise family fun days and outings so parents can make new friends and socialise.

Working with professionals
As well as supporting families, we help a wide variety of professionals in their work with disabled children.

We help families to campaign, volunteer and fundraise to improve life for themselves and others

We are a force for change and campaign with families to remove the barriers they face every day.

Parent carer participation

We support the development of parent carer participation, a process in which parents work together with professionals to make improvements to local services.


Our volunteering opportunities allow parents to give some of their time to support our work.


We give families the chance to contribute to our research and surveys so that we understand the scale of some of the issues they face. 


We couldn't support families of disabled children without our generous supporters and determined fundraisers.