Parent carer Laura’s £1,000 Easter jackpot

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Wednesday 12 April 2023

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Huge congratulations to Laura from Colchester, our third Contact Weekly Lottery £1,000 winner of 2023!

Laura is a parent to two autistic sons and a son and daughter with complex needs.

I first heard about the Contact Lottery because I follow Contact on Facebook and have attended a few of their Q&A sessions.

I’ve found Contact’s advice really helpful, so I decided to sign up to the Contact Lottery and give something back. And I’m really happy I did! I’m so pleased to have won, I almost can’t believe it.

Laura from Colchester

We’re so pleased Laura’s chances have turned into a win. If you join us – you could be next!

Play Contact’s Weekly Lottery for as little as £1 a week and a chance to win up to £10,000. All the while, you’ll be funding the vital support services that made a difference to families like Laura’s.

Congratulations to Laura and good luck to all our wonderful players in the next draw!