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Una Summerson, Head of Campaigns & Research, outside 10 Downing Street with Contact beneficiaries

We influence policy and campaign so politicians and decision-makers tackle the inequalities faced by families with disabled children.

Our latest campaigns

Counting the Costs 2021 survey

Take our family finances survey for a chance to win a £100 voucher!

Help us build a unique snapshot of how Covid-19 has affected the incomes of families with disabled children in the UK. Your answers will help Contact campaign for better financial support from the government for families like yours.

Covid-19 vaccine petition

Contact is calling on the

Contact is urging the government’s committee on vaccinations to give the green light to disabled youngsters to get the vaccine and to do so quickly: Read our statement

Sign our Covid-19 vaccine petition calling for clinically vulnerable children to be prioritised for the vaccine

More on our Covid-19 vaccine campaign:

Universal Credit campaign 

Use our new resources to challenge DWP decisions on claiming  Universal Credit for a disabled young person in education.

Universal Credit – Stop the cuts, meaning more than 100,000 families with disabled children will be worse off.  Read our  Universal Credit briefing [PDF] that explains the issues. 

Improving healthcare campaign 

Read our new guides on getting eye, hearing and dental checks.

Get an annual health check for your child – listen to our podcast and answers to your questions including how to get on the learning disability register.

Your questions answered about getting the Flu jab.

Latest from the Disabled Children’s Partnership 

  • Listen to BBC You and Yours programme with Amanda Batten, CEO at Contact and Dan McEvoy, a parent carer talking about the findings from our Longest Lockdown report and call for Covid recovery and catch up for disabled children 
  • Left in Lockdown research shows most families left without support 
  • Give it Back – we’re calling on government to give back the £434 million of care support owed to disabled children and their families. 
  • Read the blog from the Disabled Children’s Partnership on what we want government to do to improve health and social care support for families

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You might also be interested in

What we want

  • Access to Covid-19 vaccines for disabled children, shielding children and all their family carers
  • A Covid recovery plan aimed at tackling the health and educational inequalities disabled children experience 
  • Financial support that recognises the extra care and disability costs for families 
  • Stop the cuts to child disbled payment in Universial Credit and  increases in carer’s allowance 
  • Ending to the wait for assessment, diagnosis and good quality support.
  • A clear and joined up legal framework that enhances individual family rights.
  • The real experts are parents of disabled children. We want parent carer participation across the UK.

What we’re doing 

  • We influence laws and government policy based on what families with disabled children tell us and what we have learnt from our services
  • We carry out research to build evidence of the difficulties faced by disabled children and present a case for change.
  • We join forces with other charities and support their campaigns.
  • We meet with MPs and government departments.
  • We support parent carer participation and help parents get directly involved in shaping their services.

What you can do

What other organisations do we work with?

We join forces with other charities to influence public policy and campaign together. This shared voice strengthens our lobbying activities and helps decision makers and politicians understand shared concerns. These alliances include: