Campaigns & research

We influence policy and campaign so decision-makers tackle the inequalities faced by families with disabled children.

There are more than one million disabled children in the UK. Sadly, most face significant discrimination and inequalities across all areas of their lives.

Together with families we campaign to change this. Thank you to everyone who takes part in our campaigns.

I was just talking to my parents and saying what a comfort it has been to have Contact in our corner. Noah was so boosted by seeing himself on TV, and he feels like people care.”

Our latest campaigns

Roadmap for the new government

Our steps to success to help families with disabled children.


3 Asks to improve England’s SEN system

Contact’s 3 SEN Asks are designed to help the new government address the biggest shortcomings and challenges within the current system.

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School transport

School transport is a top concern parents call our helpline about. We are campaigning to close the loophole in the law that means disabled youngsters are often refused or charged for school transport

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Child Trust Fund campaign

We are supporting a parent-led campaign to help disabled children access their savings.

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Carer’s Allowance

We’re calling on the government to increase Carer’s Allowance along with the Carer’s Allowance earnings limit to allow carers to earn more without losing their entitlement.

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Universal Credit

We are campaigning to stop the cut to lower child disability payments and to make it easier for disabled students to claim Universal Credit

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Free school meals for disabled children

We are proud to support a parent-led campaign calling for food vouchers for eligible disabled children unable to access free meals at school.

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Disabled Children’s Partnership

With more than 100 charities and thousands of parents, we are campaigning to make disabled children a priority for government.

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Be a change maker

Change Makers

Join a community of parent carers banding together to get their voices heard and make a difference.

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Our supporters

We would like to thank all the families who have campaigned tirelessly with us to achieve change this year. Together with you and our funders; Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, the Pears Foundations, Motability Foundation. Along with individual donors we have made a difference to almost 500,000 families and disabled children.

“We are in awe at the effectiveness of your campaign. It seemed the best thing for us to do to help families during this very difficult time. A very well done to all the team who helped with the campaign!”