Co-production training

What is co-production?

Co-production is about developing equal partnerships between the people who use services and those who run them. 

By engaging closely with parent carers of disabled children from the beginning, on a basis of mutual respect, co-production can be used to overcome barriers, manage expectations and solve complex problems. 

And when successful, co-production leads to improved outcomes for both families and service providers – by getting it right first time. 

We are proud to have set up the parent carer forum network in 2008 and since then supported the national parent carer participation programme – in which co-production is an integral principle. 

We have learnt a tremendous amount about co-production from all the amazing people we have worked with along the way, and we love sharing what we’ve learnt with anyone looking to increase their understanding of this vital way of working. 

Learn more about co-production, and see some more co-production resources, in our parent carer participation pages

How we can help you develop co-production 

We know that developing meaningful co-production takes time and commitment from everyone involved and that all relationships are different. 

This can mean that a “one size fits all” approach isn’t always the best, and bespoke solutions may be needed. Our team are here to listen to what you need and build the solution that’s right for you, either from our popular programmes or something more personal. 

Our co-production and parent engagement programmes

Pricing and booking 

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