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100,000 families with disabled children will be worse off by more than £2,290 per year as a result of the 50% cut to the lower child disability addition under Universal Credit. That’s £229 million less going towards helping disabled children with their extra care costs. 

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Why we’re campaigning

Universal Credit is a benefit the government is rolling out to replace a number of existing means-tested “legacy benefits”. But there are features of Universal Credit that will have a negative impact on families with disabled children.

Among these is a “lower child disability addition”, for families with a disabled child on a qualifying benefit, that’s 50% less than it was under legacy benefits. This cut will mean 100,000 families with disabled children will be worse off by more than £2,290 a year. These families are already struggling to afford basics like food and heating. This cut will increase debt, stress and ill health.

There are other features of Universal Credit having similar harmful results, such as the difficulties for disabled young people in education. 

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Our Universal Credit campaign is calling on the government to:

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Need help understanding Universal Credit?

Many parents are astounded at the complexities surrounding claiming universal credit. Our research shows seven in 10 families are worried about the introduction of Universal Credit.  

Parents tell us that it is very difficult to source specialist advice locally.

‘I may have given up on the claim had it not been for your advice and continued support.  My local advice organisation told me that my son would not qualify and the Jobcentre gave the same incorrect advice.’  

Check how your family might be affected by Universal Credit by reading our Universal Credit page or contacting our free helpline