The sea of transition: An overview of our Preparing for Adulthood Workshop

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Monday 27 March 2023

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If you’re a practitioner working with parent carers of disabled children, we have a series of workshops you can commission for them.

To highlight what’s on offer, we’re running a series of occasional articles looking at how our sessions can help the families you support.

Navigating the sea of transition

Our highly-experienced Family Support Consultants have recently updated our Preparation for Adulthood workshop. And we’ve based these changes on feedback from parent carers and due to increased demand for the topic.

When their child starts to move towards independence, this can cause a lot of concern for parents. Families will be beginning to navigate new ways of working with authorities, new legislation, and the changes that come with a growing child.

Parent carers might be fairly comfortable with the status quo. They know all there is to know about children’s health, education and social care support. They have identified their allies.  And they have probably got tried and tested strategies for dealing with life.

But the sea of transition is starting to make waves and their young person is now in charge, “captain” on the journey.  Parent carers find themselves along for the ride as co-pilot. 

How our workshop helps parent carers

Our workshop explores what parent carers need for the journey and how are they feeling as they embark on this voyage into new territories.

Parent carers might feel like seeking sanctuary in the lighthouse, safe from ever-increasing waves. But our workshop will equip families with the skills they need to navigate this new stage of life and reach the shores of independent living.

The workshop covers:

  • Planning for the future.
  • Support and resilience for parent carers.
  • Thinking about outcomes.
  • Key legislation.
  • Welfare and benefits.
  • Independent living.
  • Signposts to further help and support.

Find out more and book a course

For information about bespoke courses, multiple purchases, or to book a course for parent carers you support, visit our practitioners webpages.

Or you can get in touch:

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