Thinking about getting involved in our annual Dinosaur Day fundraiser this year? Read this message from the family behind it all!

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Tuesday 24 May 2022

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Not only does taking part in Dinosaur Day 2022 help raise vital funds to that help us continue our work supporting UK families with disabled children, it’s also a time to remember the short life of a very brave little boy Cameron (Cam) Mathieson and the enormous legacy he left behind.

Cam’s dad, Craig, wanted to share a message with you if you’re thinking about taking part in Dinosaur Day this year:

We started Dinosaur Day, or Dowser Day as it originally was (Cameron could not say dinosaur), to remember Cam and celebrate his life on the first birthday after we lost him. Cam only lived for 5 and a quarter years, but he packed more love and laughter into that time than many of us manage in 95 years. We wanted to avoid Cam’s birthday on 19 June being a sad day for anyone, so Dinosaur Day was born as a celebration and an opportunity to raise money and awareness on behalf of all those children like Cam and families like ours.

As a family we are honoured that you still remember Cam on his birthday and that you have helped us to share our “Fun Raiser” so widely and to such good effect. Cam would have loved it!

Cameron Mathieson and his dad Craig

We’re privileged that Cam’s family gifted us Dinosaur Day to raise funds for Contact. That’s why we’re encouraging as many people as possible to get involved. From hosting a bake sale to or setting up a Facebook Fundraiser, there a lots of ways to raise money for Contact this Dinosaur Day.

why not sign up today and receive your fundraising pack full of ideas and tips.

Find out more about how to get involved on 19 June, Dinosaur Day and more about Cam’s inspirational story that lies behind it.

Take a look at Cam’s dad Craig Mathieson’s Dinosaur Day Facebook Fundraiser to make a donation.