Two more parent carers win £1,000 each in Contact’s weekly lottery

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Thursday 24 November 2022

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Last Friday we had the pleasure to add two new £1,000 winners – both of them parent carers – to our ever-growing list of lucky players of The Contact Weekly Lottery.

Sarah from Gloucester and Rebecca from Farnborough matched five numbers in our weekly draw, landing them the windfall – with each taking £1,000 home just in time for Christmas.

Sarah said: “Having a child with a special needs, I knew first-hand how hard it could be raising a child with a disabilities. I came across Contact on Facebook and saw that they help families with disabilities and for only £1 a week I could help them support other families just like mine.

“So I started playing the lottery knowing that the money would go to a good cause and help children just like mine. I didn’t think for one moment I would win, so getting the phone call on Friday to say I won was a lovely surprise.”

‘I would highly recommend everyone to take part’

Rebecca, who also has a disabled child, said: “I’m happy to promote the Contact Weekly Lottery as it is an amazing project. Helping out so many less fortunate. It is not easy being a parent of a child with disabilities, as many are aware. There’s no time for yourself but you don’t moan about it because your kids are your world.  

“I saw the project advertised on Facebook a while ago and thought nothing about it. But then it kept coming up so I thought, what’s the harm – so I took the chance and played. It’s something that goes out and I don’t miss the amount taken. 

“Being a parent of a child with disabilities, this will help us out especially as we come to the cold season and now that we have lost the use of our car and have no way of getting another. So thank you and I would highly recommend everyone to take part. Good luck to everyone.”

Sarah and Rebecca’s double win comes just a few months after another parent carer, Marie, hit the jackpot and took home a huge £10,000. And maybe you could be next!

Play Contact’s Weekly Lottery for as little as £1 a week for a chance to win up to £10,000, all while helping us make a difference to thousands of families with disabled children in the UK.

Congratulations to Sarah and Rebecca and good luck to all our wonderful players in the next draw!