Family Finances programme

Increasing financial security so families can enjoy life together.

Families with disabled children in the UK are more likely to be struggling financially than parents without disabled children. The impact of this goes beyond simply being unable to afford the basics.  

The additional stress caused by money worries can lead to poorer overall wellbeing for the entire family, increasing the risk of relationship breakdown and negatively impact the mental and physical health of the family – including that of their children.  

About our programme 

Contact’s Family Finance programme increases families’ financial security so they can focus on what really matters – enjoying life together as a family.  

Through our Family Finance Helplineour range of accessible online resources and our interactive webinars, families gain the confidence, resilience, and knowledge to alleviate the financial disadvantage that they face.  

For every £1 invested, we generate over £8 into the pockets of families.

During the current Covid-19 crisis, pre-existing inequalities have widened and the financial stresses on families have increased. We’ve been able to maintain and enhance the programme throughout the national lockdown, and we’re ready to help families who continue to face financial challenges even as the country moves towards recovery.  

The impact of our programme 

Last year, as a result of this programme families reported significant improvements to their family’s financial situation.

This means families are better able to afford basic items and manage vital household costs, reduce or avoid debt, meet some of the extra costs associated with their child’s disability (typically travel, clothing, footwear and furniture), and cover a few modest ‘extras’, such as family outings and better food.