Can you help us refresh our HemiHelp information pack for schools?

Our HemiHelp schools pack for primary schools was developed as a result of parent carers telling us that some of the biggest issues their children face is because there are so many ‘hidden disabilities’ associated with hemiplegia.

They felt that teachers in mainstream schools – where the majority of children with hemiplegia go – needed some guidance to fully understand the needs of children with hemiplegia.

Some of the information in our primary schools pack is now out of date and it needs an update.

To do this we would love to hear what the top things you think teachers and school staff should know about hemiplegia – and that we should include in our primary schools pack.

Email us your ideas and thoughts via email:

We’re also looking for some parents to consult with (via email and online) as we start developing our updated primary schools pack so we get it right. If you’d also like to be involved in this, please let us know using the email above too.