Two FREE parent workshops exclusive to families living with hemiplegia

Book your free place on our virtual parent workshops taking place on Tuesday 21 February and 9 March for families who care for a child with hemiplegia.

Encouraging Positive Behaviour in Your Child:

Tuesday 21 February, 10am-12.

This 2 hour workshop will explore some of the issues around behaviour and look at ways of supporting and encouraging your child. Attend this workshop to get a better understanding of why children behave the way they do and learn new strategies to handle difficult situations in a calm, stress-free manner.

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Speech, language and communication for children aged 0-5: Thursday 9 March, 10am-12.

This virtual workshop is aimed at parents and carers of children from birth to five years where there is some concern about a child’s development in their speech language and communication skills. It is run by a trained speech and language therapist and will look at the following:

• What is speech language and communication needs?

• What are the impacts of speech language and communication?

• How can you support your child with speech language and communication at home?

• How can you enable others to best support your child?

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