Join our HemiHelp Facebook Group

Our closed Facebook group continues to grow. With just under 6000 members and counting, it is a thriving, warm community which provides support, advice and a safe place to rant when necessary!

Here’s what some of our group members have said about being part of the group:

“I love this group: not only are you here when people are needing support but you also give us hope when we see some great achievements. My son is only 3 and has Sturge Weber syndrome with hemi. As a parent you have hopes and dreams for your children but as a parent of a child with a physical disability hopes and dreams are compromised and shattered. By seeing hemi children ride bikes, climb walls and run, it gives me hope that my son can achieve success xx”

I think it’s so lovely how supportive members of this group are towards each other. I’ve had some difficult times over the past few years and during many of those times, I’ve turned to this group for support and each time, the support and advice I’ve been given has been amazing and continues to be that way, even now. I can’t begin to explain just how much that has helped me during some of the most difficult times but it now means that I can actually look forward to what’s ahead and know that whatever challenges I face, I can get through them.

“I’m so glad this group is here for parents of children with hemiplegia and teenagers/young adults and I hope they find it just as useful as I have over the years because without a group like this, I wouldn’t be at a point in life, where I can actually look forward to the future and what’s to come.”

If you’d like to join thousands of other parent carers raising a child with hemiplegia on our closed HemiHelp Facebook group then it couldn’t be simpler. Simply go to our HemiHelp Facebook Group. New members will be asked to answer 3 quick questions and agree to the group rules before being accepted into the group and you’re in!